Short Courses and Events

Apprentify are offering a range of one day courses and masterclasses where anyone can learn how to use and customise a range of different industry standard marketing tools. Each practical course will allow learners to create and optimise their own advertising and marketing materials, and apply these tool to their real life business needs.

Each course is conducted in an online classroom and there will be a 1:1 follow up session in the weeks following the course so that individuals can discuss how they are using the tool and get additional support. Each learner also has access to online content and explanatory videos so that they can revisit what they have learned should they need to.

Optimising Google Analytics

Date: 23/07/2020 - Price £195+ VAT
Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics service which enables you to analyse detail about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights into how your customers find you online and what they do once on your website. Optimised, this data can help you maximise your marketing strategy, improve your website and ultimately drive growth for your business.
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Optimising Google Ads

Date: 29/07/2020 - Price £195+ VAT
Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is Google’s advertising platform where you pay to display what you want to advertise be it a product, service, listings or content. It can be a highly effective, targeted way of driving relevant traffic to your website when potential customers are searching for what your organisation provides. 
Call: 0333 996 0167 to book.
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All our digital marketing delivery staff are Google Analytics qualified