Teaching a new dog new tricks - digital marketing apprenticeships

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Paul Drew 

Taking on a new marketing assistant or having someone move departments into a marketing assistant role is huge undertaking for most businesses.  Very rarely do businesses get it right. It is sometimes a case of 'lets just see how it goes'.

Career or personal development is very hard, it takes focus and a huge amount of effort to get it right.  Digital marketing for example is at the forefront of the new way of marketing and it things change every day at a fast pace.  So teaching a new employee or existing employees new tricks is sometimes hard. It is made even harder because businesses sometimes just can't find the time to devote to developing their own people.

At Apprentify we see a trend with the real industry leaders.  They know the value of training staff but they also know that they need help in doing it.  These industry leaders engage with apprenticeship providers to ensure that they get the best out their staff they know at a level of an assistant, executive or apprentice that this is where the real knowledge development is.  They know that if they invest at this end that this is where the drive will come from maybe not straight away but in years to come.

Businesses who invest in developing their other staff into into digital marketers know that they will see huge returns on investment.  They also know that like coaches, like Apprentify's, will keep at the forefront of the latest tricks and techniques that will get their business higher, faster and larger than their competitors.

So what would it mean if you were just that little (or alot) higher, faster and larger than your competitors?

Industry leading businesses know what it means which is why they ensure that most their staff they take on are put through an apprenticeship like Apprentify's.  Our digital marketing programme has been designed to ensure that the employees get the very best techniques and coaching.  With our 128 hours of online training and 435 hours of off the job learning we ensure that they get the right focus to make them a success.

So if you are looking to train your existing digital marketers, move people the role or employ new staff make sure that you have the right focus and training in place.  Because to teach people new tricks and then get them to see where they can use it within their business is so important.

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