What’s it Like Working for a Classic Car Auction as a Marketing Apprentice?

What’s it Like Working for a Classic Car Auction as a Marketing Apprentice?

Have you wanted to be involved in marketing but also love classic cars? I’ve always been a petrol head and have previously worked as an engineer in the automotive manufacturing industry. It’s been interesting to adjust to a marketing role so here’s my impressions of the 1st month working at Manor Park Classics on an Apprentify apprenticeship.


What are your daily/weekly activities?

One of the first projects given to me was the management of each car’s ownership and history documents. These documents are not only crucial to the value of the car as they prove maintenance has been carried out but give a snapshot into the vehicle’s history too. Having put these documents into order and creating a summary sheet of what’s included, a good advert/ lot description that best markets the car can be made.

Other activities have included creating social media content of the cars arriving which shows their condition as well demonstrating that they run and drive without issue – an important factor when purchasing a classic car. I’ve been able to get quite creative with the content we’ve published such as asking our audience what car is their favourite or testing their knowledge with an Instagram story quiz made from cars in our inventory. We’ve found that this type of content has been great for engagement!


What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

The main thing for me has been is understanding how to think like a marketer. I’ve followed automotive social media and auctions for a long time so I had an appreciation of what kind of content I’ve enjoyed in the past but it’s different when you’re the one making it. I’ve found the direction given to me by my co-workers at Manor Park Classics, the courses by Apprentify and a Google Garage digital marketing course which completed prior to starting very helpful in pitching what I’ve created in the right way.


What are your colleagues like? What is the office environment like?

It’s been great to work with people who are as interested in cars as I am and I’ve enjoyed discovering things about classic cars that I didn’t know prior. They’re also very driven towards our first auction in April being a success and have always been happy to help me with projects I’ve been running as well as help me understand what the company’s goals are.

Having only worked for large multi-national companies before, this is the smallest team that I’ve worked for and which has actually been quite refreshing. Everyone at Manor Park Classics is very open and I’ve found the variety of work satisfying compared to the fixed role structure of larger companies.


Is your apprenticeship overall what you expected it to be

I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far and I can’t wait till our first auction. I was expecting the transition from engineering to marketing to be difficult but the support and training I’ve received has made it has been great so far.

- Joe Downing