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Digital marketing has become fundamental to the success of any modern business. Having an efficient and knowledgeable team is a must, but you don’t have to recruit from the top to bring this expertise into your business.

Our digital marketing apprenticeships are designed to bring up-and-coming talent through the ranks of your organisation, offering a cost-effective way to futureproof your business. Whether you hire an apprentice, or invest in your existing team, you benefit from an injection of digital marketing skills with the power to propel your organisation. 

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Digital Marketer Level 3

Our digital marketing apprenticeship opens doors to all areas of marketing. From copywriting to web design, our programme allows your apprentice to find their niche. They will gain a range of creative and technical skills to implement into the workplace, which will benefit both them and you.

The programme covers:

  • BCS Marketing Principles
  • BCS Principles of Coding
  • Google Analytics

Path to Mastery

We not only offer the curriculum as set out in the standard but employers can benefit from further specialist training which is right for the business. Exclusive to Apprentify and a true value add with no extra cost it gives apprentices the chance to gain additional qualifications in certain areas specific to their job role and chosen alongside the employer to ensure a relevant skill set for the company.


The course has been hand crafted by Apprentify in order to give employers a hassle free employee who can help upskill the business, whereas for apprentices we have tailored courses with huge opportunity's for growth.
Our students will have their end point assessment just 13 Months after they start.
This is a Level 3 course. That is equivalent to an A-Level!
Students will receive one to one support from their very own development coach!
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IT Technical Sales Level 4Junior Content Producer Level 3Marketing Executive with CIM Level 4
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We want to know the reasons you want to take on an apprentice. Will it be right for you and what are the right options?
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We advertise across 100's of digital and social channels.
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We run weekly digital assessment centres identifying levels of competencies on Coding, Creative Writing, Analytics, Communication Skills and a full Skill Scan
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We then provide you with a fully assessed and driven apprentice.
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1-2-1 Coaching

The employer and apprentice get their own focused coach who has years of commercial experience.
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Virtual Training

Since 2018 we have been providing the very best virtual classroom and eLearning.
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Path to mastery

On every programme we offer extra training linked to the role providing apprentices with extra skills to deliver true return on investment.
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Ready to hire an apprentice? Our recruitment service involves an assessment centre designed to screen and match you to the best applicants in terms of both cultural fit and skill set. Want to upskill your existing staff? We can help with that too.

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