Jess' Digital Marketing Apprenticeship diary

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Paul Drew

Jess Digital Marketing Apprenticeship diary

Digital Marketing Apprentice Diary

Our superstar apprentice of the quarter Jess Buck at Purple Creative Studios in Richmond Yorkshire has written a blog about her first 6 months.  Have a read here https://www.purplecs.com/news/jess-apprenticeship-diary-7 

It is amazing what Jess has learnt and given to both Purple Creative Studios and her digital marketing appretenticeship over the last 6 to 7 months.

It seems like just yesterday when Jess contacted us about a career in digital marketing.  After her assessment centre success back in 2019 we knew she would be fantastic for our partner Purple Creative Studios.  Purple Creative Studios put us through the mill and really wanted to ensure that they had a partner that would be a success for them as they had used other providers in the past.  We think it is match made in heaven and are really proud of Jess and what she has achieved.

Digital Marketing Apprentice Award

Testament to everything we have said Jess won the Apprentify apprentice of the quarter award in May 2020 and smashing her exams throughout.









Recently Jess also helped out with a video for our partners at Cheshire and Warrington Apprentify from Learn Live.  The video was a interview with our Head of Talent Scott Austin, Development Coach Gemma Swindlehurst and Jess to learn about the apprenticeship.  This has been sent out to schools and colleges across the region to help promote apprenticeships. Why not have a look at the video that Apprentify and Cheshire / Warrington LEP put together with Jess last month.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in an apprenticeship have a look here https://apprentify.com/apprentice/  or if you are looking for your next superstar read more here https://apprentify.com/digital-marketing-apprenticeship/



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