My Second Week as a Junior Content Producer at Apprentify!

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Julia Stringer 


Week 2 as an Apprentice at Apprentify! Today, I went into the office to talk to Dale about what I’d be doing working from home for the rest of the week. Some of the tasks included messaging a few co-workers about their apprentices and employers that I could potentially make videos about Apprentify and their experiences. I’m excited for this task as I can be creative with the videos and it also reminded me of a project I did at college.

After getting the information I needed for the tasks this week, I started on some of my Bud (training management platform) activities. I finished one and started on another about safeguarding.

I also listened in to a call with SallyAnn (Head of Commercial), where she was talking to a prospect about the apprenticeships Apprentify offers. This sit in was really valuable to me as it enabled me to get more of an insight into the real value of Apprentify.



Tuesday started a lot more peacefully, as I got an extra hour lie in due to me working from home, hooray! I started my day by going back to the Digital Marketer informational video I made last week, to tweak a few things, plus I added some more information suggested by my Line Manager Dale.

I let the changes render and then started on writing my first post for Apprentify on LinkedIn. I was a little nervous as anyone is about doing something for the first time, but the task didn’t take me too long, so I moved on to emailing Apprentices and Employers about potentially making testimonial videos with us. I had a lot of help from SallyAnn in messaging the employers, as she introduced me to them and told me a little bit about them in a Teams call. I now know how I’m expected to talk to customers and have some background knowledge on the people and their companies.

Also, today I had a get together with Paul (MD) to discuss the brief/style of the videos I’d been working on. This was extremely useful (I’ve got to say that as he’s the MD) as it gave me some more ideas around the style he wants for our videos. However, it did mean that it was back to the drawing board for me on this project.



Starting off today I was set a task by SallyAnn, to create a brochure for the Data Technician and Data Analyst Programs. I was given all the wording by SallyAnn, so I basically just had to make it look pretty.

I started by looking through of some of our other corporate brochures and used them as a guide, so this one would fit in with the others. It was useful to have them available, just to give me a rough idea of how the layout should be, etc. I tried to make it as interesting as I could, by adding pictures and making the text look appealing with formatting. Being someone who is very much into the creative side of things, it was interesting to work with different formatting and layout ideas.

SallyAnn suggested adding some images to break up the text, which I did by adding various logos of the different software used in the apprenticeships, but overall, it is an informational piece of literature and so lots of text is required. I did enjoy making the brochure, especially working with Apprentify’s brand, I really struggled using Microsoft PowerPoint, as I have very limited experience using it, I basically played with it for a few hours at high school, but I certainly know more about it now.

I had a call with Dale at the end of day, as he’s on holiday for his birthday tomorrow and Friday to make it long weekend. He set some Bud work I could get on with if I had any downtime alongside the tasks which had been mentioned on Monday. It looks like I’ll  be busy the whole two days though, so I will have to schedule it in sometime next week.



Today started with a quick call with a colleague Emily about the additional learning support that Apprentify offers. I want to make a short video explaining what it is and to make people aware that we do offer extra support!

Straight after I had a call with SallyAnn about updates to the Brochure. I’m learning to love the vibrant orange colour scheme (I’m more of a pink person), my deadline for finishing it being 12pm. Shortly after this, I had to brand up some more PowerPoint slides in Apprentify colours for the NEW Data Analyst Apprenticeship.

Looking forward to getting my head down and stuck into the remake of the two videos on the Digital Marketing and Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship’s tomorrow. I also need to start getting more familiar with all communication systems; Teams, Outlook and diary planning/appointments - as they are all new to me.



Yay, finally Friday! Lie in tomorrow! Who doesn’t love a lie in? Today started with a chat with Paul about adding some more links to the brochure. Soon after that was a Teams catch-up meeting, in which I was praised for my hard work on the brochure which is always nice to hear. After the meeting I added the links Paul wanted then got to work on completing another safeguarding course.

After planning for a little while I started on creating the videos for the Digital Marketer and Junior Content Producer, hopefully second time lucky. I now have a clearer view of what sort of information should be conveyed in these videos, plus what sort of animations I should use, animating every word is going to be quite time consuming, but I think I’ll enjoy it as editing is my passion.

So that’s me signing off for my 2nd week at Apprentify. It has gone really quickly, and I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time.


How do I find out more?

If, like me, you want to start your career in digital marketing through an apprenticeship then get in touch with the team through our Contact page

-Julia ?

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