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Software Development Technician - Level 3

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These Software Apprenticeships enable you and your company to build and test high quality code across multiple platforms and layers. Apprentices will work as part of larger teams to help drive elements in an overall project.

Whether you choose to upskill an existing member of your team or take on a new hire, an apprentice will not only cost-effectively transform your wider team’s productivity and inject new skills into your business.

Software Development Technician Level 3

This apprenticeship is the perfect introduction to a career in software development. Job roles include Software Development Technician, Junior Developer, Junior Web Developer, Junior Application Developer, Junior Mobile App Developer, Junior Games Developer, Junior Software Developer, Junior Application Support Analyst, Junior Programmer, Assistant Programmer and Automated Test Developer. Software development technicians typically work as part of a software development team, to build software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Business context and market environment for software development
  • Structure of software applications
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Roles within the software development team
  • Implement code following a logical
  • How code integrates into the wider project
  • Database normalisation

    Path to Mastery

    The Path to Mastery, which is an optional qualification in the final months of the programme, gives apprentices the opportunity to advance their knowledge in a chosen area of marketing. It allows employers to tailor their apprentice’s learning to suit the needs of their business. This added qualification will then allow your apprentice to thrive in your company and provide you with a greater return on your investment.
    • HTML5 Web Component Fundamentals 
    • Oracle Java 
    • Oracle PL/sql 


    The course has been hand crafted by Apprentify in order to give employers a hassle free employee who can help upskill the business, whereas for apprentices we have tailored courses with huge opportunity's for growth.
    Our students will have their end point assessment just 15 months after they start.
    This is a Level 4 course. That is higher than an A-level!
    Students will receive one to one support from their very own development coach!
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    We run weekly digital assessment centres identifying levels of competencies on Coding, Creative Writing, Analytics, Communication Skills and a full Skill Scan
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    We then provide you with a fully assessed and driven apprentice.
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    1-2-1 Coaching

    The employer and apprentice get their own focused coach who has years of commercial experience.
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    Virtual Training

    Since 2018 we have been providing the very best virtual classroom and eLearning.
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    Path to mastery

    On every programme we offer extra training linked to the role providing apprentices with extra skills to deliver true return on investment.
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