Hiring a new member of your team? Our free recruitment service maximises your return on investment. Need to upskill existing staff? Virtual learning ensures minimal business disruption. Want to establish a thriving career? Look no further than our unique Path to Mastery. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

4 Routes to Digital Mastery 
1. Web design
2. Web development
3. Paid search
4. Social advertising
13-15 months to complete all digital learning. Ours is one of the shortest digital marketing programmes available.
2 apprenticeship programmes:

1. Digital Marketer
2. Junior Content Producer
128 hours of online and interactive virtual training sessions. 
435 off-the-job training hours for skill development.

Upskill current employees

Our unique programme doesn’t just cater to new hires. Existing employees also have an opportunity to learn a new skill, gain more qualifications, hone their expertise and become an invaluable asset to businesses.
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Gain marketing masters

Through close collaboration, we ensure businesses are left with an expert that plugs any current skill gaps. Our exclusive Path to Mastery programme allows apprentices to specialise in certain areas of digital marketing.
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Access specialist support

All apprentices receive dedicated support and training from digital marketing experts with years of experience. We ensure they get the assistance they need – when they need it.

Find the perfect match

Weekly assessment centres focus on core marketing competencies. Apprentices are given the opportunity to pursue areas they excel in, and clients can trust that their investment fits in terms of personality and niche skill.

Trusted by Great Companies:


Kelly Gilmour-Grassam 
Making You Content

We appointed Apprentify to help us source a digital marketing apprentice for our growing content agency. As we’ve never hired an apprentice before, we were completely new to this arena. SallyAnn was extremely helpful in guiding through the process and what to expect. The experience was very smooth, and within the space of weeks we had found the perfect apprentice for our agency. SallyAnn and Dale made sure the onboarding process fitted around our business. As a result Grace has quickly settled in with the team. We’re looking forward to seeing how the programme develops and working closely with the Apprentify team to complete the apprenticeship.

Sarah Comerford
Client Services Director
Purple Creative Studio

We have just started working with Apprentify after using a couple of previous Apprenticeship providers that we have been disappointed with. Since the very first phone call the entire team that I have dealt with have been nothing short of exceptional! They have been communicative and supportive when going through the whole process and it has always been made clear to me who is responsible for what.

Ross Green 
Embryo Digital

Working with Apprentify is, and always has been, an easy and smooth process. From the superb range of candidates that SallyAnn sent across at the interview stage, to the coaching with Dale, who is always so helpful. We believe that Apprentify is one of the best digital marketing programme and talent providers we have ever worked with, and we have no doubt that we will continue to use them in the future.

Partnering with the best

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Looking for ways to future-proof your business?

Ensure your business remains at the forefront of your industry with our unparalleled programme. Tailored to suit modern organisations and the evolving digital marketing landscape, investing in your employees or new hires has never been easier.

Check out our blog for industry news, employer tips and apprentice diaries.

Check out our blog for industry news, employer tips and apprentice diaries.
What Employers are saying about Apprentify

What employers are saying We love feedback at Apprentify, so we are proud that we are getting some amazing results on the national apprenticeship service website from our employers. We have 33% saying we are excellent and 66% saying we are good with no employer rating us poor or very poor. We do have 3 […]

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Digital Marketing Apprentice of the Quarter

Annoucing Apprentify's and The Juice Academy's apprentice of the quarter.  Ben has consistantly been on top of everything we have set and gone through.  From day one at The Pilot Group his development coach Charles knew he had an apprentice that would set a high standard. Well done Ben amazing award and truly deserved.

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Apprenticeships across the North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire

By focusing on working with apprenticeship hubs and companies in the Midlands and the North, we’re confident in placing the right candidates with the right employers. So, whether you’re based in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds or York, contact us today.

We live and breathe digital marketing

Forget partnering with a jack of all trades, we are a master of one: we only offer digital marketing apprenticeships. Our concentrated expertise in this subject ensures the quality of our teaching and programme support.

Explore a huge number of marketing roles

The North is one of the best places to start your marketing career, and it’s fast becoming a popular alternative to London among creative professionals. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our digital marketing job opportunities today.
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