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The Apprentify 'Outreach Challenge' launch. New for 2019/20

Here at Apprentify we have been busy looking at our current Apprenticeship programme and considering what we can do to enhance our curriculum offering for our Apprentices and Employers as well as having a bigger impact on our local communities.

New for 2019/20, all new apprentices will participate in our Outreach Challenge

In true 'The Apprentice' style, cohorts of Apprentices will compete in teams and support a charity or club (run by volunteers) of their choice over a 6-month period during their On-Programme phase of their Apprenticeship. A brief will be set with tasks to complete through-out the duration of the programme. Teams will be supported by their own Apprentify facilitator, but will absolutely be expected to use their own initiative to complete the tasks led by their very own appointed 'Project Manager'

The purpose of the programme will be:

• To enhance our Induction to Apprentify and the Apprenticeship for all new Apprentices, understanding the part that engaging effectively in their community has to play in their overall personal development
• To bring Apprentices together that have started their journey around the same time therefore creating a community culture between Apprentices
• To encourage and create healthy competition between teams/cohorts
• For Apprentices to develop positive attitudes, good behaviours and take pride in their achievements using their own initiative
• To impact the local region and community by supporting a charity or club run by volunteers
• To provide a culture of togetherness, teamwork, worth and harmony






We're very excited to launch this programme for this academic year and foresee our first challenge starting in September....

Who will end up victorious?

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