The Apprenticeship Levy

Development for sustanined success!

Are you an Apprenticeship Levy paying organisation?

The Apprenticeship Levy started in April 2017. Employers with an annual salary bill of £3million+ pay a tax/levy set at 0.5% of the total. HMRC collect it monthly through PAYE and it accumulates over the year. Employers are given a digital account through which they can access the funds in order to pay for their Apprenticeship Programme and End Point Assessment. Funds which are not spent (they last for two years) are available for other businesses to use to train their staff. Training providers are paid directly from the digital account.

Development for sustanined success!

Non-levy paying organisations

As a non-levy payer, employers share the cost of the Apprenticeship Programme and End Point Assessment with the Government – this is called Co-Investment. As of April 2019, the Government funds 95% and the employer 5%.
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