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Digital marketing apprentices – Succeeding at your Interview

Digital marketing apprentices – Succeeding at your Interview

Interviews are tough in all industries and especially for those apprentices who have never experienced them before. So, what is good practice to ensure you succeed at your digital marketing interview? Similarly, to my previous blog ‘Writing an effective CV’, the aim of your interview is to showcase your skills, knowledge and personality to the […]

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Apprentice Diary - Month 2

Month 2. The Apprentice Diaries: Grace’s Second Month Read about Graces 2nd month at Making You Content Limited The Apprentice Diaries: Grace’s Second Month When I was looking for an apprenticeship, I was worried that I wouldn't find the right company for me. With the help of Scott and Dale at Apprentify, I was able […]

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Apprentify Outreach Challenge

  The Apprentify 'Outreach Challenge' launch. New for 2019/20 Here at Apprentify we have been busy looking at our current Apprenticeship programme and considering what we can do to enhance our curriculum offering for our Apprentices and Employers as well as having a bigger impact on our local communities. New for 2019/20, all new apprentices will […]

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How Apprentify's Path to Mastery Benefits You And Your Apprentice

Digital marketing is a broad discipline involving a huge range of specialist skill sets. But when you bring on an apprentice, or upskill a current employee, you want to be left with someone truly qualified in their area of work – not just a capable marketer. For a digital marketing apprenticeship to deliver true ROI, […]

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Digital marketing apprentices – how to write an effective CV

Writing a CV can be challenging, especially for apprentices. So, what do you need to include to create an effective digital marketing CV? One of the main purposes of a CV is to catch the readers eye enough for them to invite you in for a face to face interview. It is at this point […]

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How Apprentify Takes The Stress And Expense Away From Recruiting An Apprentice

How Apprentify Takes The Stress And Expense Away From Recruiting An Apprentice When hiring a digital marketing apprentice, you want to be sure that they’re right for the role. With more young people seeking to gain qualifications through apprenticeships, a solid recruitment procedure is essential to finding someone who fits. Traditionally, there are two options: […]

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Digital Marketing Apprentice Diary Month 1

Grace’s First Month as Digital Marketing Apprentice at Making You Content. We are so happy to give you the first in a series of digital marketing apprentice and employer diaries from our friends at Making You Content who took their first apprentice last month Grace.  Each month they will be providing a warts and all […]

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Digital marketing apprenticeships: Giving you the edge by ‘walking the walk’

Digital marketing apprenticeships: Giving you the edge by ‘walking the walk’ I’ve yet to meet an organisation that doesn’t want to increase its online profile. Being able to market our products or services is no longer what sets you apart…it’s the base-line. This is because digital marketing is an effective way to increase leads, conversion […]

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Digital marketing apprentice recruitment, getting it right through feedback

How can applicant feedback improve recruitment for digital marketing apprentices? Last month I wrote a blog that went into some detail about why Apprentify’s digital marketing apprentices were right for your business. I spoke about our in-depth recruitment process and the steps we have put in place to ensure only the best candidates are sent […]

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Working from home? Is it 'used' or 'abused'?

  Is working from home really more productive? Last weekend my wife and I were round our friend's house for our thrice-yearly CDWM (Come Dine with Me) experience. As usual, I was asked about how my job was going and Apprentify in general. The topic of 'working from home' (or WFH) was raised and the […]

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Another Happy :) Digital Marketing Apprentice

Welcome Grace. Welcome Grace. Great to see an amazing apprentice get a digital marketing apprenticeship role with our friends at Making You Content Limited Grace was amazing throughout the Apprentify process excelling throughout especially at our apprenticeship assessment centre at the start of May.  Making You Content certainly found an amazing digital marketing / […]

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How to use technology to create 'Outstanding' classrooms! [3 top tips.]

Technology is no longer a "nice to have" in a classroom environment. We are long past the days of classrooms merely containing a projector, your stock PowerPoint and whiteboards as our primary education tools. The modern pupil doesn't just have the distraction of technology to overcome, but expects to use technology in their education. Used […]

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Teaching a new dog new tricks - digital marketing apprenticeships

Taking on a new marketing assistant or having someone move departments into a marketing assistant role is huge undertaking for most businesses.  Very rarely do businesses get it right. It is sometimes a case of 'lets just see how it goes'. Career or personal development is very hard, it takes focus and a huge amoung […]

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Why Apprentify Digital Marketing Apprentices are right for your business

Businesses interview many potential digital marketing apprentices that are just not right for their role. So why do Apprentify’s apprentices stand out from the rest? One of the main parts to Apprentify's recruitment process is the 5 in depth assessment steps. All these steps ensure only the best quality and most relevant applicants are progressed […]

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Annual appraisals - impactful or just a tick box exercise?

All around the world, Performance Appraisals (or Performance Reviews) are recognised (amongst a number of performance management tools) as an annual event that aims to ensure individual performance is contributing to the overall department and/or business objectives. Little by little, businesses slide away from this rather archaic format of telling employees that 'Layla? She's electric,' […]

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Getting Career Ready

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Our research of our digital marketing apprenticeships in Manchester 6 months ago identified that employers and apprentices felt that they were not getting career ready when they graduated from their apprenticeship.  Although every apprenticeship has been developed by employers it is hard to categorise a broad subject or area like digital marketing. […]

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Safeguarding in Apprenticeships - Are you doing enough?

Last week I attended the NSPCC Designated Safeguarding Officer 2-day course held at their Education and Training Centre in Leicester. Having worked in a few very successful (and a couple 'not so') training providers, and having completed copious online Safeguarding courses in my time, I figured that we had quite a robust policy and process in […]

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Apprentify launches first digital marketing programme

Today has been a proud and amazing day. One that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. In August 2018 I set off on my mission to create the best digital marketing apprenticeship training provider. Today we had our first apprentices on programme. It has been a hard and long road […]

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Code of Practice for Social Media

The BBC reported yesterday that Internet sites could be fined or blocked if they fail to tackle "online harms" such as spreading terrorist content, child sex abuse, so-called revenge pornography, hate crimes, harassment and the sale of illegal goods. It also covers harmful behaviour that has a less clear legal definition such as cyber-bullying, trolling […]

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Developing a digital marketing standard that is not standard

To deliver the best digital marketer standard on the market the team at Apprentify knew that we needed to ensure at a few key areas were addressed to ensure that you would get the best service: The best - We knew that to deliver the best solution we needed to work with the best.  This […]

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Apprenticeship minimum wage increase

Are your digital marketing apprentices receiving the new national minimum wage? This is great news for apprentices looking for digital marketing apprenticeship jobs. It is that time of year where the national minimum wage increases and this is no different for Apprentice's. The national minimum wage for an Apprentice has increased 20 pence per hour […]

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Recruiting a new Digital Marketing Assessor..Coach..Tutor..Trainer

  Here at Apprentify, we are recruiting for a new (what we are calling...) Development Coach (or DC). Much has been said and written about how this role differs now that we are delivering Standards, compared to the old school Frameworks using QCF qualifications. Personally, I think the difference is minimal. Does the role involve […]

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Turn Iron Into Gold

I saw this on LinkedIn earlier today. It got me thinking about digital marketing apprenticeships and how we can help you. A Bar of Iron Costs £5... made into horseshoes its worth is £12... made into needles its worth is £3,500... made into balance springs for watches its worth is £300,000. Your own value is […]

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Apprenticeships Vs University – Is there a correct choice?

This question is on the mind of most young adults whilst completing further education in either sixth form or college. It is also one of the most difficult decisions they will have faced so far in their life, so is one better than the other? As part of my current role, I get the chance […]

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Three ways Brexit will impact apprenticeships in 2019

Does Brexit make bleak reading for apprenticeships? Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past three years to avoid any mention of the word Brexit (possibly my personal least favourite portmanteau of all time!). You may have heard that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on the 29th March (which at […]

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Social Media Strategy Snapshot

This week I attended the Northern Business Exhibition in Manchester Northern Business Expo In addition to all the many businesses exhibiting there covering a range of industry sectors, as you can probably guess I was most interested in all things Digital and Digital Marketing.  The great thing about this particular exhibition was the number of […]

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2019 Workplace Learning Report

Linkedin have launched their third annual 2019 Workplace Learning Report The 3rd Workplace Learning Report had over 3,300 responses from business talent and learning experts this year. Workplace Learning Report 2019 Key Findings Increased budgets and influence pave the way for more strategic talent development teams This is the year that L&D leaders hone their […]

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Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Increase From April

Some great news for our digital marketing apprenticeship employers and especially SMEs who want to get access to apprenticeship levy funds. The ESFA are now allowing apprenticeship levy employers to transfer up to 25% of their current year pot to employers in their area, sector, supply chain, or even charities.  The funds can be used […]

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Can Digital Marketing bring passion into your business?

I had the pleasure in reading a blog on apprentices bring passion into the work place by Anne Milton the Rt Hon MP and the Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills for the UK. It got to make me think when I have taken marketing or digital marketing apprentices into my businesses before did […]

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Apprenticeship Week

Great start to Apprenticehsip Week 2019. Come and visit us on stand 105 Leeds First Direct Arena  

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Digital Marketer Manchester

It's a proud day Today Apprentify is running its first digital marketer apprenticeship assessment centre in Manchester. One of the first things we decided when we set the business up was that we needed to ensure that we our apprentices and employers had a long-term partnership. Our apprenticeship assessment centre has been designed to identify […]

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Apprenticeship Off the Job 20%

Off the job 20% training One of the greatest changes the government introduced when they launched the new apprenticeship levy  was the mandatory off the job 20% training.  This off the job training is the time that every employer must ensure that the apprentice will spend away from the desk.  That is a whole one […]

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Chartered Institute of Marketing Fellow

So, this happened today... After 25 years in the industry I finally became a Fellow of the CIM.  One of the highest accolades in the industry. Over the last 20 years, and maybe a few more before those, I have been focused on digital marketing.  Now I have made it my mission to improve Digital […]

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Top tips for bossing your digital marketing apprenticeship interview

How do you stand out against all those other candidates to land that dream digital marketing apprenticeship? Before Apprentify I spent two years working at 3aaa (Aspire Achieve Advance). Working with hundreds of candidates from all ages to assist them in achieving their goal of starting their digital marketing careers. You may not think it […]

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Digital Marketing 2019

There has been a revolution in apprenticeships in recent years beyond the advent of the apprenticeship levy It is quite amazing how many job roles can now be fulfilled by apprenticeships. Training companies like us here at Apprentify work hard to offer a quality results driven alternative to University and the increasingly staggering costs […]

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3 tips on how to build a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Three tips to build a Digital Marketing apprenticeship A digital marketing apprenticeship is to this day one of the most popular and enticing apprenticeship standards on the market. According to the most recent data from the ESFA, 3890 starts have been reported on the Digital Marketer standard since it's release in 2016. What isn't there […]

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Why do we do what we do

So… WHY! I often get asked, why did I set up Apprentify and what were the reasons? To take that step away from working in a corporate world and in employment was a really hard decision.  Moving away from that safety blanket was so daunting. Then there was the mere fact that I wanted to […]

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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

I have just read the 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 you Should Know, from Digital Doughnut* It got me thinking are businesses and marketing totally bothered about the below trends or are they still trying to get to grips with PPC, SEO, Email marketing and general digital marketing? 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 […]

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Simplifying the future!

Our digital marketing programme has been designed around the latest technologies to drive your business forward but also to simplify the complicated world of apprenticeships