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Our apprentices and employers are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re committed to delivering the best possible service for both parties. That’s why, alongside our marketing and learning and development qualifications, every member of our team is DBS checked and holds certificates in Prevent and Safeguarding training.

We’re an honest, transparent and loyal group of people – and we want to make it easy for anyone to find our company policies and procedures whenever they need them.

Policy and important documents

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Complaints Policy

We take complaints seriously. Read more about providing feedback on our services.
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Data Protection (GDPR) Policy

We want to protect you and your data. Everything we do is secure and this policy outlines how we strive to protect your data and ours
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Safeguarding Policy

Our safer recruiter policy enables us to provide and maintain a protected environment.
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Useful Contacts

We understand that you may need to speak to other organisations for advice. Our useful contacts list can help.
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Privacy Policy

See how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information at Apprentify.
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Apprentify DNA

What makes up Apprentify? Here’s how our employees contribute to the overall culture of our company.
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Prevent Policy

The learner experience is our focus. We put safeguarding initiatives in place for positive impact.
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Whistleblowing Policy

We listen to our staff when they need us most.
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Apprentice Appeals Procedure

Have you achieved the standard of competency expected?
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all current and former staff, Apprentices, associates, job applicants, visitors, clients, customers and suppliers.
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Safer Recruiter Policy

We strive to do give every person a chance and the ability to shine. Our safer recruiter policy enables us to provide a safe environment  
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Health and Safety Policy 

We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all our learners, staff and partners.
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Sub-Contracting Policy

This policy sets out how Apprentify will comply with the ESFA rules in respect of subcontracted provision. Apprentify is committed to broadening the scope of provision to meet market demand, enhance and enrich the experiences of our learners. To enable this vision, Apprentify has taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of its provision to high quality partner providers.

Apprentify retains full accountability for contract delivery where provision and service subcontracting take place. All providers, before becoming a sub-contractor must undergo a comprehensive due diligence process prior to any delivery taking place and are selected on the basis of their track record, type of provision delivered, location and to ensure Apprentify can effectively respond to employer demand whilst reflecting on local priorities. Once sub-contractual arrangements have been agreed a service level agreement is signed by both parties.

Our Sub Contracting Partner is The Juice Academy. The Juice Academy is a not for profit organisation, which was set up to fill a digital skills gap and create quality roles in digital marketing/social media for young people.
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Policy Forms

Download and read all the necessary forms for Apprentify policies.

Accident/Incident Report form

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Appeals Form

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Safeguarding Prevent Report form

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Feedback Form

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