My Second Month as a Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Apprentify

Written by
Julia Stringer 

Month 2!

Where did this month go?

Early in the month I started working on my first project in my social media calendar for International Women’s Day. I asked if the Apprentify team could take pictures holding their hands up and/or wearing purple (the colour used to represent the day and movement). I originally planned to take a picture of everyone in the Monday team catch-up, but unfortunately, like all good plans it didn’t work out as not many people could make it. So, in came plan B and I spent most of the day getting pictures from colleagues which they’d taken when they had the free time. This actually worked out better, as making a collage of all the images was rather fun and I think the finished product looked much better than a screenshot of a Teams call would have. I guess you could say it was a happy accident.

Apprentify Annie is out and about more than me in lockdown, as she has been involved in the EPA (End Point Assessment) explainer videos and an Adobe Connect landing page.

  • The EPA videos are there to make the whole process clear to apprentices at the start of their apprenticeship, plus if they are ever unsure, they can refer to the videos for any information they may need.
  • The landing page is for Adobe Connect lessons. It is a few clips of Connect playing at the side while Annie explains what’s happening. Apologies in advance to all the future apprentices that get sick of the sound of my voice running in a loop before every session – I feel your pain too!

It has been a little challenging to record her lines this month, as there has been a lot of noise in my house right now, with building work going on! It’s gone from my recordings being ruined by my brother shouting at video games, to loud drill noises from the building work. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be a one cut wonder.

As I said, I’m getting rather sick of hearing my own voice as Apprentify Annie has become a staple in the videos I make. However I much prefer voicing Annie to animating words individually to music as the time to do this is ridiculous! It may be time for Annie to find a friend, any suggestions or volunteers are welcome.

Another new introduction is ApprentiFit, which is something that SallyAnn has launched to promote being healthier mentally and physically and to try to encourage everyone to get up occasionally. While working from home I think a lot of people often get submerged in their work and lose track of time. This project is much more SallyAnn’s than mine, but I was asked to make a logo/animation for the project. I ended up making a circular character that does star jumps and then transforms into the Apprentify logo. It was quite well received and the character I made is now the icon for the ApprentiFit chat which is cool.

In terms of my personal development, at the beginning of this month I had my first coaching call, it was nice to talk to Sharon (Development coach) about everything I had been struggling with/ enjoying throughout my first month. One of my main concerns was probably not feeling like I was getting the hang of things quick enough, Sharon reassured me that this would come with time, and I shouldn’t worry too much about it. I can gladly say that I am getting the hang of everything better now I’m over two months into my role.

After two days of online training, the other two girls on the junior content course and I decided to schedule a weekly call to talk about the project we needed to work on together. The project itself is about a brief for a theme park, trying to figure out budgets is rather difficult considering I’ve never really done anything like this before, but it’s great to have Zoe and Kaleigh to help me out and it’s nice to know we are all in the same boat.

This month Apprentify had a Development Day. It was my first time attending a companywide event and it was nice having a day to talk to everyone, although I didn’t do much talking, because of the background noise of the construction workers at my house. The day was great fun. Other than work related things, we also played a game of Rock & Roll bingo… I really should get more familiar with the “classics”!

On a personal note, my second month means my second pay cheque! It’s usually tabooed to talk about money, but since it’s my first proper job I decided to make my first indulgent purchase. I’m lucky enough to have all my wages as disposable income, so I spent a fair amount on a new vinyl to add to my collection. Having my own money to spend does make me feel quite independent.

Overall, I think this month has been a good second month and so far, I’m enjoying my apprenticeship a lot!

How do I find out more?

If, like me, you want to start your career in digital marketing through an apprenticeship then get in touch with the team through our Contact page.


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