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Making You Content took on Grace Collier in June 2018 after contacting Apprentify about digital marketing apprenticeships.  Grace has been a superstar since starting with Making You Content and for Apprentify throughout her apprenticeship.

To learn more click on the video below and see how she has impacted the business or read one of her monthly apprenticeship diaries.

Successful Apprentice Case Studies

Junior Content Producer Portfolio

Marco Tadete's Portfolio Creating a portfolio of all the work, progress and achievements you have made during the course of an apprenticeship can be a very trying task at times. Collating examples of your work and choosing what you showcase is easier said than done, however at Apprentify our Development Coaches are ready to assist […]

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National Apprenticeship Awards 2021

National Apprenticeship Awards 2021 The long-awaited National Apprenticeship award of 2021 has finally arrived and with it are nine categories available for apprentices, employers, and all “individuals who champion apprentices with passion”. The opening date for applications begins on Monday the 5th of July and ends on the 25th of July which means there is […]

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OFSTED - New Provider Monitoring Visit

OFSTED - New Provider Monitoring Visit On the 18th and 19th of March this year we were visited by Ofsted for the first time for our New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV). These visits generally happen within 2 years of delivering Government funded apprenticeship training to ensure that all apprenticeship providers are on track to receive […]

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My Second Month as a Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Apprentify

Month 2! Where did this month go? Early in the month I started working on my first project in my social media calendar for International Women’s Day. I asked if the Apprentify team could take pictures holding their hands up and/or wearing purple (the colour used to represent the day and movement). I originally planned […]

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How will a digital marketing apprentice boost my business?

We offer two apprenticeship programmes: Digital Marketer and Junior Content Producer
Whichever you choose, here are just some of the ways your business stands to benefit:
• Identify growth opportunities
• Generate leads and increase visibility
• Build your online brand 
• Increase sales through effective copy and web development
• Create marketing plans and strategies
• Run social media campaigns that convert

Development for sustanined success!

Apprenticeship programmes built for success

Digital Marketer Level 3

Our digital marketing apprenticeship opens doors to all areas of marketing. From copywriting to web design, our programme allows your apprentice to find their niche. They will gain a range of creative and technical skills to implement into the workplace, which will benefit both them and you.

The programme covers:

  • BCS Marketing Principles
  • BCS Principles of Coding
  • Google Analytics

Junior Content Producer Level 3

A Junior Content Producer (or Creative Content Assistant) develops and creates content that can be used across a variety of media. They research, prepare and develop your messaging to maximise audience engagement, capturing the strategy and objectives of your brand and needs of your target customers.

The programme covers:

  • Content planning
  • Content development
  • Content creation and evaluation
  • Industry awareness

Path to Mastery

Both programmes have the option to include an additional certification. Our unique Path to Mastery allow apprentices to become specialised in either a digital or technical area, depending on which one is more suited to your business aims:

  • The Technical Path – Website design or website development

  • The Digital Engagement Path– Paid search or social advertising

How do we recruit?


Develop the talent you need

We can help you upskill your team, whether that be through training current employees or a new hire. But when it comes to finding an external apprentice for your organisation, we take several steps to ensure you get a passionate, motivated individual who will integrate seamlessly.


Not only do we employ standard methods to find the right people, such as interviews, but we also hold weekly assessment days to evaluate the candidate’s potential, as well as their current fundamental maths and English skills and digital marketing expertise. Unlike other apprenticeship providers, these assessment days are designed around a 6-point digital marketing skills evaluation. This enables us to identify the candidate’s drive, commitment and existing abilities in creative writing, digital understanding and technical capability.


Recruitment and candidate evaluation at this level is usually a costly exercise. But not at Apprentify. Our unique approach has been created to attract and develop the very best talent – those that are keen to commit as much to you, the employer, as they are to their careers.

Click here for more information about the Levy

Leverage digital talent to drive business performance.

Whether you wish to upskill an existing member of your team or recruit new talent, the Apprenticeship Levy is there to help you bridge your identified digital skill gaps.

If you’re a levy-payer, funds expire after two years from the moment you pay into the Digital Apprenticeship Service, making now the ideal time to develop the marketing talent you need. If your annual salary bill is under £3m, the government will fund 95% of the overall apprenticeship programme cost.

Get started

Ready to hire an apprentice? Our recruitment service involves an assessment centre designed to screen and match you to the best applicants in terms of both cultural fit and skill set. Want to upskill your existing staff? We can help with that too.

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